Technology driven.

Security focused.

Backed by experience.

Find out why we are the leading
fertility trust management provider.

We built a platform to provide
you and your trusted partners a
better way to collaborate during
your family building

At Clarity Trust, we believe the funds in your
fertility trust account should be handled with
confidence and care, allowing you to focus on
what matter most – growing your family

We understand that fund security and accuracy of payments during the surrogacy and egg donation process are two of the most stressful considerations for prospective parents.

That’s why we put together the most dynamic team to manage the process and offer industry best fund protection.

Let’s move forward with confidence, together.

Fully transparent.

Receive instant updates and enjoy on-demand access to the
Trust Portal where your case details are always viewable
in real-time, 24 hours a day.

Driven by innovation.

Clarity’s proprietary Trust Portal
utilizes smart contract technology
to organize and calendar upcoming
payments, providing you with
a clear roadmap of what lies ahead.

Our Core Values

Fund security comes first.

Funds are bonded to protect against loss, cybercrime and employee theft. Clarity is insured with General Liability insurance and Errors and Omissions insurance.

Guided by experience.

Clarity was founded by attorneys with over 35 years of experience in fertility law. Our deep familiarity with legal agreements in surrogacy and egg donation sets us apart. No other independent fund management firm comes close.


Clarity’s web application utilizes SSL and AES-256 encryption to ensure online security. Clarity also complies with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.



Clarity’s offers simple, flat rate pricing. There are no hidden fees, bank charges, or transaction fees.

Collaboration is key.

Clarity’s technology allows our team to seamlessly collaborate with your agency, clinic, and other professionals. Better communication ensures your payments are accurate and on time.

Clarity Trust is independent, experienced, and offers industry

best fund security.

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