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Clarity brings unrivaled transparency to the fertility escrow process.

With the knowledge gained from over thirty years of surrogacy and egg donation legal experience, we developed the most advanced technology-based fund management platform available. Our proprietary technology and our team of experts relieve the burden and stress of managing the fund administration process, and ensure your payments are predictable, accurate and on time.

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Safety & Security

Clarity offers four layers of security .  



Clarity is insured with a General Liability insurance policy and an Errors and Omissions insurance policy to secure your funds.



Clarity is bonded to secure your funds against loss, cybercrime and employee theft.


Funds are held in financial institutions which offer each client $250,000.00 of insurance protection through the FDIC.


Funds are supervised by an attorney licensed by the State Bar of California in an attorney client trust account, and Clarity acts as a fiduciary to each of its clients.  

Unrivaled Experience

Clarity was founded by attorneys with over thirty years of experience in fertility law.  Our deep familiarity with the legal agreements in surrogacy and egg donation sets us apart.  No other independent fund management firm comes close. 


Funds are supervised by an attorney licensed by the State Bar of California in an attorney client trust account.  Clarity acts as a fiduciary, and diligently follows California’s Rule of Professional Conduct 1.15 for “Safekeeping Funds and Property of Clients and Other Persons.” 

Instant Access

With Clarity, transactions happen in plain view. 

Clarity’s best in class technology enables on-demand access to the Clarity Trust Portal where your case details are always viewable in real-time, 24 hours a day.   


Clarity’s Trust Portal is HIPPA compliant, providing you with privacy and security during your journey.  

Technology Leaders

Clarity utilizes smart contract technology to organize and calendar upcoming payments, providing you with a clear roadmap of what lies ahead.  Clarity notifies all parties in real-time as payments are processed and completed.    


Clear Pricing

Clarity offers simple, flat rate pricing.  There are no hidden fees, bank charges, or transaction fees.  

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About Us

We are a highly qualified and experienced team focusing in fertility treatment. We would like to help you go through the process with a maximum of security, transparency and knowledge. We have 10 years of experience in the business and helped multiple couples have a seamless experience. From smart contract technology to schedule payments we assure confidentiality, personified and family-oriented customer service.

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